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Upcoming Shows 2023

March 4 & 5 -- Seattle, WA Dollhouse Miniature Show

April 28, 29, & 30 -- Tom Bishop Chicago, IL International Mini Show

(there will be lots of new products at this show that are not on my website)

May 12 & 13 -- Ann Arbor, MI Dollhouse & Miniature Show

June 24 & 25 -- Lakeland, FL Dollhouse Miniature Show

August 4 & 5 -- Minnesota Dollhouse & Miniature Show

Miniature Information

The miniatures on my website are 1" scale and about 95% of them are hand made by me, Beth.  Since they are hand made, products may vary slightly from the image shown.

I have been involved in miniatures for 30 years, stemming from the dollhouse that my mother built for me when I was 12 years old.  I then enjoyed shopping for miniatures at the Chicago miniature shows when I was a kid.  Later my mother persuaded my Nana to make and then sell miniatures, which led me to do the same.  While I lived in Georgia, my Nana and I were vendors at shows together.  Since moving away from Georgia, back to the northwest, (which I love), my husband Patrick is now stuck helping me at miniature shows.

Payment and Shipping

Payment is processed through Paypal and

the miniatures will be shipped through

the USPS (where I work).

My dollhouse; it has survived many moves across the United States.

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